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Share Adventure

Jaunt creates beautiful electric vehicles for adventure. Recycling iconic four-wheel-drives for a community built car share network to explore Australia.

Jaunt is one small piece of Australia’s future transport puzzle, but a piece that sparks the imagination. We aim to encourage adventure and help drive Australia toward zero emission transport.


Built for Australia

Australia is a country of towering gums, rolling vineyards, endless beaches and secret campsites. The only way to reach many of these amazing places is with a car, and cars designed to do just that are integral to our psyche.  SUV’s and four-wheel-drive utes dominate Australian car sales though the majority will never go off-road. The dream of exploration and adventure is at the heart of Australian culture.

Current carshare does not support this emotional and adventurous side of travel.  Working with local communities, Jaunt will place vehicles in beautiful natural locations and prove that experience is more important than ownership.  

Image courtesy of Cool & Vintage, Portugal

Image courtesy of Cool & Vintage, Portugal

Image courtesy of Cool & Vintage, Portugal

Image courtesy of Cool & Vintage, Portugal

Jaunt’s TEAM

& Partners

With extensive experience in design, technology and marketing, co-founders Dave Budge (Head of Product) and Marteen Burger (Head of Operations) have worked with some of the worlds biggest companies, combining emerging technology with beautiful design and meaningful storytelling for two decades.

They are supported by key partners and an advisory team from automotive, electrical engineering, indigenous affairs, tourism and finance.


Space Tank studios

We are constructing our first prototypes at Australia’s only manufacturing incubator, Space Tank Studio in Melbourne’s inner north.




We are part of Australia’s leading program for clean energy startups. (Energy) Lab provides us with advice, connections and a great community.



Misty West

Misty West is an engineering lab the innovates for positive impact, they provide us with years of experience in electrical and mechanical systems



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We're an early stage startup and we appreciate any feedback. Get in touch if you'd like to work with us, to test drive a vehicle, or just know a little more about what we do. We'd love to hear from you

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Encourage adventure and
drive Australia toward
zero emission transport.