A Date with a Prince

At 4:35am this morning we received an email from Amanda Thirsk, the Private Secretary to HRH The Duke of York. To be honest, as an early stage startup our @jauntmotors.com inbox isn’t the busiest place, I’ve got maybe 400 emails total, so any international email is unusual, let alone one from Buckingham Palace.

Maybe you’re wondering why you’re getting this unusual email late on a Tuesday. It’s because you’re one of the people that’s helped us get to where we are, so we thought you’d be interested in knowing how we’re doing in a bit more detail. This is maybe the kind of email we’d send internally - if we had anyone internally to send to. Please let us know if you don’t want to receive these or if you’d think someone else would.

Pitch@Palace Victorian Finalists

Back to Amanda. She was informing us that we’d made it to the Victorian finals of Pitch@Palace which is brilliant news to wake up to. Pitch@Palace is Prince Andrew’s Commonwealth wide entrepreneurial thing. What’s really exciting is we’ll get to pitch Jaunt at Government House on the 20th of November in front of a room full of state and local government, investors and potential partners. The Duke will be there too.

Then if we’re lucky and follow royal protocol correctly we make it through to the national finals in Brisbane on the 28th. Then maybe London to pitch in front of some serious global business types and The Queen herself. I mean, what could possibly push the royal family’s buttons more than ethical regional tourism and manufacturing, clean energy and classic Land Rovers.

I’m going to need a real good reason not to put this in the pitch. 3693D1C700000578-3709726-image-a-14_1469572998123.jpg

HRH and Prince Andrew ahh Jaunting around on one of her estates.

HRH and Prince Andrew ahh Jaunting around on one of her estates.

Dave Budge